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General Oncology - 12-02-18-003
This elective exposes the student to the breadth of oncology through participation in ambulatory medical, radiation, gynaecologic and surgical oncology clinics across a variety of tumour sites. There will also be the opportunity for exposure to pathology, medical imaging, screening, symptom-control and palliative care. The elective will be both multidisciplinary as well as multi-professional. Formal clinics will be supplemented by tumour boards and seminars geared specifically to the medical student, with reference material for independent study. The student will participate in consultations on hospital inpatients and will have access to ward patients but will not have primary ward responsibilities. The student taking this elective for a full six weeks will make a decision early in the third week as to whether to continue with a general experience or switch to a tailor-made more focused approach in one area, such as radiation oncology, medical oncology, or breast cancer. This decision will be made in consultation with the primary elective supervisor who will be responsible for guiding the student through the elective experience. This elective is available to students in their fourth year only.
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